Saint Valentine 2013 LITE : mini games

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개발자: Yann Lemoine
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Whether you are in couple or single, whether you are 5 or 70 years, challenge Cupid with the app Valentines Day and its 3 mini games!

Collect a maximum of hearts and avoid God of Loves arrows ! You start each of mini games with 5 lifes petals, try to keep a maximum before the end of the allotted time (1, 2 or 3 minutes by your choice) to collect a maximum of points.

Funny and recreative, the mini games of the app Valentines Day request your speed, your sense of observation and memory, as well as your address and your ability to shoot right...

Valentines Day, we love a little... A lot... Like Crazy !


--> FALL IN LOVE : Catch all the hearts which are falling from clouds and daisies too, avoiding black hearts in the image of Cupid ! As soon as you miss one of the white hearts or you accidentally catch a black heart, Cupid shoots an arrow and knocks out one of your 5 petals. Each daisy caught, you get automatically a lifes petal.

--> PAIRS OF HEARTS : Visualize the serie of 20 cards and find the 10 pairs as fast as possible ! Once you have found the 10 pairs of the first serie, a new serie of 20 cards appears and so on until the end of the timer, according to chosen play time. If youre wrong, you lose a petal and recover one in each pair found.

--> CUPIDS ARROW : As Cupid, throw your arrows at the right time to reach the hearts and daisies, still avoiding black hearts and clouds too ! Once your arrow is in line with your target, tap the screen to shoot. But dont shoot at random, Cupids arrows are precious ! Each arrow which doesnt reach a white heart or daisy triggers God of Loves ire, who knocks out then, as for the two previous games, one of your five lifes petals of a sudden arrow !